The Christmas Club | Little Interview And Still

We found this small article with a little interview and the first still from The Christmas Club. Olivia looks so dreamy! We really love the hair style and cannot wait to watch this movie!

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell (“V”), who moved to the Seattle area before her starring role on ABC’s “Lost” and now lives about 20 miles outside of the city, makes her Hallmark Channel Christmas movie debut in “The Christmas Club”, which is based on a 2016 novel about a group of people who pay kindness forward.

Mitchell, most recently seen in season three of “The Expanse” (returning for season four on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 13), says she took the role in the Hallmark film after consulting with her mother. “She texted back within an hour and says, ‘Oh, Lizzy, please do this, it would be a Christmas present to me,” Mitchell recalls. “How can I say no? It’s my mom!”

Source: seattlepost

Liz’s always so sweet when she talks about her mom. <3