8 Television Villains We Love To Hate: Ingrid

It’s an old article, but it just popped up.

The Snow Queen will always be one of her best performances. <3

8 Television Villains We Love To Hate

What’s a TV show without a memorable villain? Sometimes the characters we love are the worst ones, always scheming, lying and tricking their fellow characters. Here are eight TV villains we just can’t get enough of.

4. The Snow Queen on Once Upon a Time

You don’t have to be a brutal murderer on a premium cable show to be a fun villain. We also love the Snow Queen from Once Upon a Time, played by Elizabeth Mitchell. She used her powers of freezing to turn everyone in the town of Storybrook against her niece, Elsa, played by Georgina Haig (sound familiar? That’s right – the characters from Frozen have jumped into the world of Once Upon a Time).  She also uses mind tricks on Emma to convince her that her family doesn’t love her anymore (pretty evil, right?). “My whole theory has always been that villains never know they are villains,” Elizabeth Mitchell said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “That seems to be the case here, even though she does some crazy stuff. It’s been really fun.”