The Christmas Club | Author About Liz And The Movie

We’ve just read this nice message on the site of book’s author. 🙂

I retired from my law practice and immediately traveled to Winnipeg to spend a week on location with the filming of The Christmas Club. I’ve been talking and posting about the experience all over social media and I promise I’ll stop soon, but it really was the experience of a lifetime.

The outrageously talented and hardworking cast and crew were beyond kind to Brian and me. They even gave us parts in the background (thank you Jon and Sydney!). Look for us in the oh-so-charming bakery and café, Baked Expectations. Cameron Mathison, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Gabrielle Rose were perfect in the lead roles. The other cast and background actors were terrific. Everyone had that feeling you get when you know that you’re part of something special.

The screen adaptation is set in modern day (the novel is 1952) and they’ve added some delightful twists and turns that I wish I’d have thought of. They’ve also omitted some lovely details from the novel