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Watching Elizabeth playing Olivia in The Christmas Club was pure joy from the first second till the end!
The character is so beaming, joyful, funny, she radiates warmth and reminds us of Elizabeth herself.
All her funny faces made us smile and laugh, casted a spell to our hearts making them lighter.
Liz is always so funny in real life, but this is the first character she plays where she is so free to be.
It was a pleasant surprise to watch her comic side to bloom.

When you’ve known someone for so long, it’s rare that person keeps surprising you with what she does, but that’s exactly what happens every time we see something new with Elizabeth. There is at least 2-3 times we exclaim “Oh this is new, she’s never done that”… it could be something with the tone of her voice, or a facial expression or the way she moves… but it keeps happening all the time.
This is not only entertaining but fascinating and it amazes us like nobody else can do.

What we appreciate about Olivia is that, even if she had an hard life (loosing her husband when her daughter was a little baby with all the consequences of being a single mom), she didn’t let obstacles to ruin her sparkling spirit.
It’s not like she doesn’t have her fears, worries and walls to take down, but she doesn’t let them defines every single aspect of her existence or ruin her attitude towards life.
It’s beautiful and inspiring and it makes the character so appealing.

Probably the relationship we love the most is the one with her mom. She’s always there for her, she is not pushy or anything, but it’s like having always someone behind you who takes care of you with her deeply wise advises and unconditional love. Olivia relies on her but there’s a balance from both sides which is charming and makes us smile.
Liv’s an incredible mom herself, but when she is with her mother she’s just a daughter. The relationship is sweet and it reminds us of the one Liz has with her own mom. Every time she talks to us about Josephine, we always have the same vibes and we felt the same while watching Olivia and her mother.

We love these lines:
Barb: “She’s growing up
Olivia: “I know, real soon she’s not wanna hold my hand at all”
Barb:”And then some day, she will again.”

So sweet!

Another aspect we love of The Christmas Club is the relationship’s development between Olivia and Edward and their witty banters, which would have been a lot less effective if there wasn’t such a great and remarkable chemistry between Elizabeth and Cameron. Those teasing dialogues were engaging and delightful and perfectly derived by both actors.

“Ignore you later” needs to be added into the book of the perfect sentences to use in whichever circumstances you need to be sharply funny, but not too much evilly mean. 😀
The movie has all the ingredients (love, magic and fate) to be a perfect Christmas movie.

Even if you don’t believe in fate, because you want to be in control of your destiny, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who are meant to cross your path and walk along with you. We do believe in this and the movie is just a remind of  how beautiful it can be, if you let it.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year where even the most cynical heart softens with the right person around. Olivia brings Christmas back to Edward, which is what true love does… it brings us hope into our soul, that is why Barb tells Liv that love is important, even when she has other worries and stuff to think about. She wants someone into her daughter’s life who’s there to stay.

Sometimes we are too busy concentrating on what we have to do, to be in control, that we forget to focus outside of our personal space. And it’s true: random acts of kindness can change someone’s else life, but also make yours richer in an unexpected and surprising way.

Another winner point of this movie is that the main characters are in almost their 50s, they are not naive about anything and they both have a whole existence before getting into each other’s life, which is far more interesting than watching two people in their 20s, with basically no life’s experience or real problems to worry about. Usually romantic comedies are about those, which is why they are not our favorite entertaining thing to watch.

The Christmas Club certainly is different and its concept really makes it a gem, having Elizabeth and her extraordinary talent in almost every single scene makes it perfect.

If you missed it, The Christmas Club is on again December 3 at 12 pm.



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