Cameron Mathison About Elizabeth (Interview)

In this part of the interview Cameron talks about Elizabeth and how it was to make The Christmas Club with her.

The Christmas Club marked his first acting role in a year, and he loved diving back into that world, especially with Mitchell as a partner. “The timing worked out great. I thought it was a very sweet script. Obviously I was excited about working with Elizabeth,” he says.

“I love [acting]. I missed it. The first day, I was like, ‘Oh boy. I hope I remember how to it.’ It was just so fun, especially with how natural and spontaneous Elizabeth is that you can’t help being authentic and having a good time. Every take was different. It was so fun. She told me ahead of time that that’s how she likes to work, and I love it. [As an actor], I just really like to listen and I just like to react,” he explains.

“And when somebody goes off script [with] spontaneous moments…and these great little natural beats, it’s so fun. A lot of what you saw was that, and even with my sister in the toy store, [we] would play with those toys. There was a lot of that that we just kind of adlibbed and added and played around with.”

“I love the supporting cast in the film. They’re a really, really talented group of people and I mean the whole thing. You sort of jump into these and you never know exactly what you’re going to get. And the fact that it came together so well between Elizabeth and I getting along so well and the supporting players being so great, like hyper-great. We got so lucky.”