Interview | Elizabeth Looks Back on Her ‘Lost,’ ‘Revolution’ & ‘OUAT’ Roles

There is a new interview with Liz she did for The Christmas Club. This is a part about Lost, OUAT and Revolution. They posted the part about the new movie a few days ago. If you missed it, you can read it at this link.

Elizabeth Mitchell Looks Back on Her ‘Lost,’ ‘Revolution’ & ‘OUAT’ Roles

If you’ve been watching Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies, chances are you recognized Elizabeth Mitchell, who just made her network debut in The Christmas Club.

The actress has starred in numerous fan-favorite TV shows, including Lost, Revolution, and Once Upon a Time. Here, the actress looks back at those roles.

Lost recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, which is kind of crazy.

Elizabeth Mitchell: It is crazy!

When you joined in Season 3, did you have any idea what was in store?

No, I had no idea. I had just had a baby, so I was luckily too exhausted to be terrified or worried or think about anything. I didn’t even follow any of the news about it. I just got in there and concentrated and did my work.

I was very happy to get it, but as a new mom, I think that was the perfect timing for me. Then I wasn’t sitting there just as nervous as a cat. I was really just like, “This is an absolute joy. My child is an absolute joy. I’m just going to try and be everything I can be for both.” I had no idea what was coming. I just know I got to play with really incredible actors and directors and writers I truly respected. It was all a win-win for me.

When you look back on your time on the show and as Juliet, what stands out to you the most?

It was definitely storylines, but it was also the camaraderie and the actual doing of it was a real joy. For me, that’s what I look for. I remember one morning driving to work and the moon was out at 4 in the morning, listening to music, had a coffee, thinking, “I can’t think of a better way to start my way than this. Knowing I’m going to go get to do this. Knowing I’m going to get to be with these people and say these words.” I just knew at the time it was really extraordinary, and I loved it.

Are there any roles that stand out to you now?

I always remember my character in Revolution. I thought she was fantastic because she was such a psychopath.

I really enjoyed playing the Snow Queen [on Once Upon a Time]. I loved every minute of that. It was so fun to play a deeply flawed villain and to find the twists and turns of that. I had a great time and I had fun. It was like a childhood wish. You get to play dress up and you get to do your work.