Elizabeth On IG | December 5

Elizabeth posted a funny story about her audition for the role in Nurse Betty and that period of her life.

We love reading you, Liz! <3

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#tbt to #nursebetty I had so much fun on this movie. Even the audition was a joy. I was a scrawny nerdy kid and got to play a blonde bombshell. Makeup, hair and wardrobe took two hours… When I auditioned for Neil LaBute, I whipped out lip gloss from my (heavily padded) cleavage and applied it during the audition. He laughed out loud and I was elated. It was the first (and only) show that I booked before I left the building. As I was walking down the hall to leave, the casting director came to grab me, brought me back in the room, and Neil told me that I had the part. The filming was hilarious. My character, Chloe, was on “A Reason To Love,” a show-within-the-show on Nurse Betty. She believes she is the greatest actress. Ever. No subtlety. Completely over the top. I loved it. Total freedom. Was a joy to be around such incredible actors. Greg Kinnear was a dream. Funny, kind and soooo good. Sung Hi Lee was a sweet, funny beauty. Was also so great to work with @allisonbjanney . I was a huge fan of hers from Primary Colors. Her scene on the stairway in that movie is a study in perfection. I was a little in awe of her talent but managed to hide it not at all. During all of this I was new to LA (and to film). While I had been in NYC doing theater, I was now living in the Hollywood Hills. For publicity, “A Reason to Love” played on an enormous screen on Sunset Blvd at the bottom of my hill. Was both a thrill and terrifying to see my two story face on a massive screen day after day. I’d put on my then uniform of tank top and overalls and walk my enormous dog Haven down to Sunset and just giggle at the absurdity of it all. #bighair #babyliz

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