Elizabeth Mitchell shines in riveting ‘Revolution’

This review about Elizabeth and her role on Revolution is amazing and so true! <3 Rachel was the best character of that show, her under-using was one of the worst flaw of that show.

Every show, especially every “Bad Robot” production, has that one special character who makes it all work. “Lost” had the enigmatic John Locke played by Terry O’Quinn.  “Fringe” had the eccentric Walter Bishop played by John Noble. “Revolution” has the super scientist action hero Rachel Matheson played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

One of the weaknesses of “Revolution” during the first half of season one was the criminal underuse of the effervescent Elizabeth Mitchell and her head strong character. Once the producers and writers realized this and brought her into the forefront of the action, the “Lost” protégé began to find its focus.

Elizabeth Mitchell is a pleasure to watch. She owns the screen every time she is on it. The luminous actress brings a quiet, but fiery intensity to her brooding character. As season two begins to unfold, Mitchell’s Rachel Matheson is the truly the key to unlocking the secrets of the pre-power failure past, as well as a spark of hope for a post-dystopian future.  Every event, every character connects back to her.

jamescaterino (books’ writer)