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Elizabeth shared such a lovely story about her admiration for Brandi Carlile and their meeting, that make us think about our experience with her.

We wrote about it on her account, but anyway…

Liz, what a lovely, funny and amazing story you shared!! It is so beautiful to see ourselves in the story of your experience as fan!
Plus we can relate to this so closely. The first time you said something about us (now that we think about it, it was just a few months before this concert) we couldn’t believe it. We were both “Are we sure she is talking about us?”

It still feels weird (in the most adorable and wonderful way) sometimes.
We would love to be as good as you in writing to tell you our story (we are definitely not), but we will share some funny bts you are not aware of… haha!!!
At the restaurant the waiter was leading our way to you… when we saw you sitting at the table, we actually FROZE! Really!! He must have got our emotions and tried to make us get closer just staring and smiling at us, but we couldn’t move!!! It’s so embarrassing! haha!!
We thank God you had your back turned and you didn’t see our faces. We cannot even imagine how they look in that moment. One of us pushed the other forward while this other was trying to block both from walking (you can imagine which one of us). Endless moments! In the end we moved so the waiter wouldn’t feel embarrassed himself.
When we got closer, you turned, got up and hugged each of us.

It was totally an overwhelming feeling. In that moment Adry wanted to run away. We were both terrified to have an emotional breakdown and start crying or something, but we promised to each other the days before that we wouldn’t do that, so we tried to carry our goofy selves around. Ste still thinks she acted in an “exuberant” way and she still shakes her head only at the thought.
We started relaxing only because you made everything so easy, everything was perfect, you were perfect and your family was so lovely and kind!
Even if a lot of things changed and years passed… We need to confess that every time we hear from you – for a few seconds – we jump right back into the first moment we saw you sitting at that table.
What an extraordinary experience being an admirer of someone!
Thank you for gifting us with so many emotional moments!


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I’ve been in love with @brandicarlile for many, many years. Her voice and music brought me through some truly awful times and I see her in concert every chance I get. Brandi came to Wilmington, while I was working on Revolution. I danced, sang along, laughed and cried. She’s such pure talent. If you’ve never been to a show, please go. You’ll leave more alive than when you walked in. After the show I was reluctantly about to leave when a crew guy in a Brandi T-shirt recognized me. He asked if I would like to come backstage to meet Brandi. Well…. yes. Yes! YES!!! I did. Turns out they had watched Lost on the tour bus. Blew my mind. They watched me?!? Never can get my head around that. I was a blushing, shy grateful mess and she and the twins were kind, humble and effortlessly cool. I treasure this picture. And my T-shirt. And my poster. And the guitar pick that was lovingly rescued for me when she threw it into the audience. #tbt

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Haha the hashtag in her ig story, tho! 🙂