Once Upon a Time Stars Who Were Also on Lost

We watched Once Upon A Time just because writers and producers from Lost and V were working on it, having actors from Lost was great, but having Elizabeth as the Snow Queen was really a dream!

Once Upon a Time Stars Who Were Also on Lost

Have you ever watched Once Upon a Time and felt like it reminded you of something else? Well, that’s because it actually has a lot in common with Lost. Not only are the shows both from ABC, but they also have the same production team. While Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have written for both shows, the casts also share some of the same actors. See which Lost alums have gone on to portray some of your favorite storybook characters!

Elizabeth Mitchell

After playing Juliet Burke on the hit drama, Mitchell went for a more regal role by portraying Ingrid, the Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen’s iconic tale.

Source: popsugar