10 Times LOST Shattered Our Hearts Into Pieces

We will never get over Juliet’s death and will never forget how strong this character was and how she has never given up, not even in the last second of her life.

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In some ways, this new era of great television couldn’t happen without several shows that came before like The Sopranos, Mad Men, and Lost. The serialized storytelling of all three shows had people coming back for more, all the way until their finales. Lost was the big network show of these three. ABC took a gamble on a Twilight Zone-Survivor pastiche. Creator JJ Abrams and show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof didn’t just deliver a compelling cliffhanger every week, most occasions the show delivered a compelling cliffhanger every commercial break!

Between all of the Hatch and numbers mysteries of the Island, we would learn a lot about some of our favorite castaways and having some hearts broken several times along the way, mostly when they did too.

8 Juliet’s Sacrifice

Juliet and Sawyer both had pain on their faces the instant we met them. Whatever brought them to the Island eventually united them too and they finally found happiness together, back in the seventies working for the Dharma Initiative. Then the Castaways got it in their head that blowing up the Island would be a good idea. Juliet got caught in the electromagnetic wave. Sawyer tried to save her and held on as long as he could before letting go as she plunged to the center of the Island and with the last of her strength detonated the bomb.