The Christmas Club’s Director About Elizabeth

We found an interview with The Christmas Club’s director and this is the part about Elizabeth:

I know you mentioned The Christmas Club. That was another one that was highly-anticipated on my end. And it did not disappoint. It has been a favorite. I was mainly looking forward to it because of Cameron Mathison. I was so glad he was able to come back and do another Christmas movie. 

CWhat I can say about Cameron is that what you see on screen and what you see behind-the-scenes are very similar. He’s a great human being. You won’t find a more generous, kind, caring, funny, accessible person on the planet. I learned a lot from him. I learned a lot about professionalism and being extremely grateful about the opportunities presented to you. He’s a very grateful person. Every day he came to set with a smile on his face, very prepared, and he just enjoyed the work.

Elizabeth {Mitchell} was the same way. When I would give her direction–I would ask her to do something–she would always reply the same way: “My pleasure.” I can assure you that is not always the case as a director. When you’re giving someone a note about something they may or may not agree with, you don’t always get that kind of response. So working with those two was a real joy. I think that’s where my absolute passion began with these movies. I’m really inspired by the fact that everyone was so enthusiastic and grateful for the work. We had a really wonderful time shooting The Christmas Club.