Video From When Time Got Louder Set

This is just a pretty tiny video from When Time Got Louder set (the movie Elizabeth is currently filming in Vancouver).

It was posted by the actor (@_jonathansimao_ ) who plays Kayden, Liz’s son in the movie.

We love the plot and we are very interested in the part about the family who has to deal with such a dramatic issue of having a non-verbal son with autism. Disabilities or diseases have always a huge impact on the life of an entire family. This got us thinking. Sometimes people forget how huge problems/difficulties overwhelm everyone around. We are so concentrated on our personal pain, we might not give the due consideration to the others in the family, which might cause conflicts or misurnderstading. It should be interesting if this movie goes in that direction since Elizabeth plays the mother and it seems the plot involves her, her husband, the son and the other teenage daughter who has her own issues to deal with. Considering the photo (of Liz with the kids) the director posted we will be seeing also flashbacks or scenes in the past of this family, so the movie should cover the evolving lives of these people. It sounds promising!

Thank you for the video Jonathan!