Photo In L.A.

Liz’s hair style reminds us of the one she had in the first episodes of “Revolution” (because she had to have that haircut for “Prosecuting Casey Anthony” and started filming the show right after the movie). Someone who’s working with Liz on her new project posted this photo with an awesome caption.


“#FanGirlMoment hahahahaha you can TELL BY MY SMILE!!! Lol Had the ABSOLUTE MOST AMAZING TIME OF MY LIFE ON SET TODAY!!!!!!! I’m NOT GOING TO LIE and act like INSIDE MY HEAD I wasn’t thinking “OH My Gosh!!!! This is ELIZABETH MITCHELL ACROSS FROM ME AND I’M ACTING WITH HER!!!!!”. Such a SURREAL experience and I can NOT WAIT to show people OUR WORK! You are AMAZING inside and out @elizabeth.mitchell.official !!! Thank you for reminding me of WHY I LOVE THIS!!!!!! #SteadyPacing #Work #TodoParaAdelante”

Love the last line.