Happy Lost Anniversary!

Lost ended 10 years ago today. It was an amazing ride and an unforgettable adventure to “live” this show, not just watching it. Spoilers, theories…clever fandom… it was so much fun.✈️

Lost, specifically Juliet, came into our lives when we both needed for different reasons and probably because of that she will always have a special place in our hearts.♥️

It was October 2006 when Elizabeth first appeared on the show and gave life to this strong, broken, imperfect but yet extraordinary woman. ♥️♥️

We both knew Liz from before (but those are other stories) in that specific moment of our lives we needed her, her warm personality and positivity, her passion, her sunshine, mostly her sunshine.🌞

There are moments in life when everything seems to change or it is at risk… in those moments a familiar face that lights up your days, an heartfelt heroine who entertain your soul and a big adventure that distracts you from everything else, can make a difference.🤗

We’ve been blessed! 🌻

🌴🌴Happy Lost Anniversary!🌴🌴🌴🌴


Just saw this reposted by Josh. ICYMI: Daniel Dae Kim posted this video from the set of the last episode. .

You can spot Liz a couple of times, but it’s just so beautiful to see this amazing cast together. Don’t you miss them?😭😍

Have a great Sunday, everyone.🌴🌻

On a personal note…let me just scream about Ian sitting next to Liz. (Adry)😻