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Today it’s a special day for us. . . We don’t usually post memories like this on here, but this year is just so crazy, we’ve been feeling like a tumultuous inner shadow is walking around on her own leaving us behind. Kinda weird. . . In our bad days we usually sorround ourselves with colorful fantasies and passions, positive thoughts, and our sparkling secret treasures. We usually do that on our own and eventually share discoveries and wishes with loved ones when the storm has passed. Not sure if this makes any sense. . . We smiled this morming when a facebook memory popped up in our dashboards. . . Eight years ago at this charity dinner (organized by the amazing Peter) we found out that Elizabeth knew about the existence of the site we created and she had such a wonderful opinion about it. . . We felt so special, it was something we made for her but she was so far away from us, so it was surreal and sweet…we felt like children on Christmas’s morning when they find their beautiful and surprising presents under the tree after being good the whole year.🤗 Well… we actually didn’t expect her to know about the EMfc at all, but she did make us feel like we did something good to deserve her words. She has been one of the few people who made us believe in ourselves. At that time, she didn’t even know us and those thoughts came from the person we deeply admire. ♥️ When something goes wrong we think about what she did. . . We have so many memories created during our path…Liz has been our special treasure, our secret hiding place, a safe harbor, a milestone in our lives… a lostie would say “our constant”.♥️ . . Especially this year and at this time, thank you, Liz, for knocking at our door, for being in our lives every day more, thank you for saying things in the moments we need them to hear, thank you for listening and thank you for finding us.♥️ . . We love you! SO MUCH! ♥️ . . Adry & Ste . . PS: Peter, thank you for the photos and your kindness! . . (#ElizabethMitchell )

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