Lost: The Worst Things Jack Ever Did, Ranked

Yes, one of the worst things Jack ever did was to lead Juliet on. He used her and he was the worst for that, but we think he was the only one who took responsibility for Juliet’s death. And we believe that is why David was their son in the flashsideways.

Lost: The Worst Things Jack Ever Did, Ranked

Jack Shepard, Lost’s leading man, was a polarizing figure in the series. And these are the worst things he ever did, ranked.

Mar 22, 2020

For a while, Lost was a cultural icon that few other shows could compete with. It had tension, interesting characters, and a unique setting full of twists, turns, and mystery. Then there was time travel. Then an alternate universe. Then they all… died?

6 Led Juliet On

From the opening seconds of Lost, we knew Jack and Kate would end up together. It’s just how these shows work: couple is introduced, couple is hesitant at first and go through various rocky stages, break up, see other people and then end up back in each other’s arms at the end.

The problem with this is that Jack’s entire romance with Juliet is built on a lie. We, Jack and, to an extent, Juliet, all know that he is really in love with Kate.