TV Line: Once Upon a Time’s Top 25 Characters, Ranked

We did expect more from an article wrote by Mitovich then seeing the Snow Queen at n. 25, but he said nice things about her. In our top list we only have Ingrid, Regina, Rumple and Zelena. 

Once Upon a Time’s Top 25 Characters, Ranked

With all seven seasons of Once Upon a Time set to find a fitting new home on Disney+ (starting Friday, Sept. 18), what better time to conjure a ranking of the ABC series’ all-time best characters?

Of course, sifting and sorting through all of the human and other creatures to pass through Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest and good ol’ Hyperion Heights is quite a feat. A magic wand would have come in handy! But we’re feeling pretty good about our Top 10, whereas the rest of the list is sure to be up for discussion, debate and dissection.

In revisiting Once Upon a Time’s many characters, we were reminded of just how many throwaways there were (Sonequa Martin-Green’s Tamara, we hardly knew ye!), and how many opportunities were missed (could Elsa’s storyline have been more lukewarm?). But the good memories outweigh the bad — and heck, even two “requel” season originals made our cut.

Lastly, there was some debate about ranking, for example, Mr. Gold and Rumple (and Weaver for that matter) separately. I quickly decided against that, because it gets awfully fuzzy with some “multi” characters. Instead, everyone is judged on the entirety of their existences, including wee-turned-strapping Henry.

Elsa’s backside may have been the showstopper as Season 3 came to a corporately synergized close, but it was the ice princess’ aunt and eventual adversary, Ingrid aka the Snow Queen, who gave the Frozen-adjacent storyline its emotional heft. Veritably freezing heaven and earth in a scheme to recreate, via Elsa and Emma the Savior, the sisterly bond she had long ago lost to tragedy, Ingrid eventually came to her senses and sacrificed herself to undo the spell she cast on Storybrooke.