EW: 34 great TV I love you’s – Lost

EW wrote an article about the 34 great TV I love you’s on tv including Juliet’s in the list. It’s from last year, but they reposted it again on facebook a couple of days ago. That’s how we saw it. We always open the links when we read titles that might include Elizabeth. HAHA! So happy when they do.


Juliet to Sawyer on Lost

Juliet’s desperate pre-death plea was enough to tear us up, but the love speech lesson here is when you really mean it, forget the nicknames.

Best part: “I love you, James. I love you so much.”

Just a note: they wrote the line is from “LAX”, but it’s actually from “The Incident”. We still can’t watch that scene, but it’s impossible to forget Juliet’s voice when she told Sawyer those words. She realized he wouldn’t have let her go and he was going to fell down with her, so she told him goodbye. In what she thought was her last moment, she just wanted to let him know how much she loved him. Heartbreaking!