Happy Birthday, CJ!

Happy Birthday, CJ!
We hope you’re having a super special day with lots of love and joy and that you have at least one reason to smile every day and feel loved in every moment!

We’ve been wishing happy birthday to him since he was a toddler and now he’s 15. It’s crazy! We still have the image of this incredibly beautiful goldilocks baby in our minds and now he’s a man.

When we met him (he was 9) we gave him a gift and before opening it he said “I can already tell this present is great, because the bag is beautiful.”

He was just a kid and he had that spontaneous thought and he wasn’t afraid of saying what was on his mind.
Lucky us, he liked the gift as well! HAHA!

Before he came in, we asked Liz if he was shy, because we didn’t want to intimidate him. We thought it could be weird for him to spend time with us.
He was nothing but spontaneous, smart, funny and awesome!

We thought to create something different this year. We remember he showed us some funko pops he got, so we really hope he likes his funko pop version.

Happy Birthday, CJ!


Adry & Ste