EMfc Is 12 Years Old Today

The EMfc is 12 years old today.

We’ve always thought of the site (and all the social networks connected to it) as our little baby, that’s why we always celebrate its birthday.

While we were working on the new layout (since we always change the layout of the site for its birthday, like a little gift for it), we started reading our past annual messages and staring at how many graphics we changed in the past 12 years. It was like a blast from the past, we got little teary.

We found so much love, passion, joy and hope in everything we saw. And it was not only like a window on what we have created during all these years, but also a window on who we have been in our own lives, how young we were as we started, how many changes happened.

Elizabeth has been a huge part of our lives in the past 14 years (it took us 2 years to know her, watching her projects and then taking the decision to open a place to dedicate to her).

It’s funny if we think about how many times our paths almost collided in the years before, it never happened concretely, till it was what we needed.

Our lives intertwined with each other in a different time, with different perspective and it felt like a needle in a haystack. We’ve given so much value to it. We wouldn’t feel the same if it happened now.

As one of us always say for everything… a thing has more value if you actually did something to reach it and it has zero value if it is just handed to you.

Even more important it’s the fact that we built all this with never a thought to reach Elizabeth somehow with it. As we said, different time.  And just for this intrinsic reason it brings an added value to everything in our hearts.

Before knowing that she used to visit the site, it was only a place to express our love, to talk about her. It was just a place about the actress, Elizabeth Mitchell.

Of course we are still super fans of the actress. NOBODY (and we repeat NOBODY) can even be compared to her, to the opinon we have of her talent, how her marvellous portraits of the amazing women she chooses to play make our souls feel.

Every time we watch someone else to perform, who can also be amazing, we always talk about how wrong it was to choose those movies, those shows, those characters.

We always feel like Liz never did a choice in her career that felt weak or a nonsese. She has always had our admiration for never doing something that felt false to herself, which feels like she has been honoring the people who have always followed her carrer.

We do believe that if you decide to dedicate your time and love to someone, that person must be someone you believe in.

We both have experiences of being betrayed on so many levels and we had our dose of looking for something in the bag of “nothing”.

You know when you meet someone worth being around.
You don’t collect stones if you know you have a diamond, right?

At some point the EMfc was not just a place about the actress, and it started being also a place for the woman, Elizabeth.

Its birthday feels also like the occasion to celebrate our love for the human being behind the actress.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our love for Liz!