Elizabeth on IG | October 31

Elizabeth posted how to drink wine at the airport in her story. Very informative instruction video. She has some skills! 😱
Thank you for keep it fun, Liz! ❤️

And the second video is for voting. 3 days left, guys! It’s important, don’t be lazy!

I added the videos in the archive, so they don’t get lost!


She also was so sweet to repost my art in her story;:

I made this to wish you all Happy Halloween, I’m embedding the post here:


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Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 For the occasion I “dressed up” Liz as Galadriel (Lord of the Rings). I thought it was appropriate to have also the crystal phial with the light of the star of Eärendil that shines both in the morning and the evening because that’s what Liz does. She always shines! 🌟 @v_e_ro_n_i_c_a told me she really wanted to see Liz as Galadriel so I decided to make it happen. 🤗 If you could dress up as one of Liz’s characters, which one would it be? Me: The Snow Queen❄️… Juliet at the motor pool.. I would say Erica Evans but I wouldn’t look bada$$ anyway so maybe Carol Newman for the happy dance. 🎄 Please whatever you’re doing tonight (and always) stay safe! Social distancing, mask on, wash your hands! ❤️ (#ElizabethMitchell)

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