Our favorite Mrs. Clauses

I’ve just found this article about the favorite Mrs Clauses where they included Carol Newman of course. 😀

As the popular saying goes, “behind every great man is a great woman;” and that is just as true of Santa Claus, as it is any other man. She’s gone by many names over the years but these are some of our favorite Mrs. Clauses.

Carol Newman

“The Santa Clause 2” (2002)

In 2002, the popular Tim Allen-led trilogy “The Santa Clause” dedicated its second film to a much-needed Mrs. Claus. The film saw Santa aka Scott Calvin (Allen) faced with an unexpected sub-clause in his Santa contract: he must find himself a wife by Christmas Eve or give up being Santa forever. Leaving the North Pole to try to find a wife while also handling a sudden streak of bad behavior from his now-teenage son, Scott meets Carol Newman (Elizabeth Mitchell, “Lost”), the principal of his son’s high school. Their initial meeting is far from a love connection, as she comes off as a cold woman with no interest in anything related to Christmas. Carol’s cold exterior seems to thaw, however, as she reveals that Christmas was once her favorite time of year but that, after being mocked for her belief in Santa, she became disillusioned by the holiday. After a magical date (literally), Carol begins to believe in the spirit of Christmas once again. 


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