17 Female US Presidents in Movies and TV: Charlie Roan

It’s not a review or something, but I am just glad to see Liz name in this list of 17 Female US Presidents in Movies and TV. The fact that Liz played Charlie Roam always makes me so proud.

You might think that “The Purge” is a violent movie, but I feel like it’s against violence and it is sort of a reflection, a worse reflection of the reality we live in. Matrix feels but with a different theme. Both true. It’s a call to wake up before it’s too late. And what makes me so proud is that wake up is through the voice of Liz’s character. A woman. All her lines, her passion, her bravery are there to open our eyes before it’s too late.

One of the main reasons I am so excited about “Witch Hunt” is that since the beginnig I thought there was some kind of connetion in witches’ condition in this movie and women’s condition in our reality. After I saw the poster with the line “Carrie meets The Handmades Tale”, I think I am not wrong.

I truly love the fantasy worlds, but when within imagination there’s a plain truth kindly or harshly throw at our faces, I feel powerful for the thought that if it hits me, it hits other people. And there’s hope and strength and bravery involved.

Anyway this is from the list I was talking about:

17 Female US Presidents in Movies and TV

While Hillary Clinton lost her 2016 bid to become the first woman to lead the U.S., there have been onscreen trailblazers who’ve occupied the Oval Office

Elizabeth Mitchell, “The Purge: Election Year” (2016)  In the dystopian horror thriller, Mitchell’s Purge survivor Charlie Roan wins a landslide presidential election on a platform of ending the annual slaughter-fest.