Lost: The 10 Greatest Characters In The Show (That Weren’t In The First Season)

I’ve just read this article about the 10 greatest characters on Lost that weren’t in the first season.

Juliet can be considered objectively one of the best characters of the show in general. For sure to me she’s the best female role ever created. I think Lost writers were very smart to follow the soul that Liz gave to this character. I truly feel like she’s the one who shaped her and developed every tiny detail of her personality. As Damon Lindelof wisely said about Elizabeth: “she transcends the material”. 👏

Her knowledge of the human mind, her empathy, simply her magical self emerge from the multiple layers she is able to create and those are not simply a work of art, they are a work of soul.❤️

That is why all Liz’s women are so fascinating to me. There’s always something that captures my attention and my heart, aspects (if not the entire personality) I can identify with or be inspired by.❤️

I feel like we are truly blessed that a human being like her decided to share her inner glowing beauty with the world through her Art. Lucky us!🤗


Lost is one of the all-time great TV dramas, and it contains one of the greatest casts in television history. Lost did something incredibly tricky, and that was making every individual character fascinating, complex, and entertaining to follow. There are very few duds within the cast, and while some flashback stories proved more interesting than others, the show still presented an incredibly well-rounded cast that complimented each other perfectly.

Juliet Burke

Another fan favorite, Juliet Burke was introduced in the third season premiere, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Her personal story proved rich and interesting throughout much of the show’s run.

She began as a questionable antihero, serving as part of Ben’s crew and providing fans with a great bit of intrigue as they constantly guessed where her loyalties lay – even after she transitioned to the castaways’ beach. Her later relationship with Sawyer also proved one of the shows’ cutest, and her death one of the most tragic.