Happy New Year!

I made this art with Liz as a fairy, flying out of a fairy tale book to wish you all a happy, safe and peaceful 2021.🧚‍♀️

She is magical to me, so… yep, it’s appropriate. 🤗❤️

We have so much to look forward this year.. starting with “Witch Hunt”, which is released on March 29 in the UK on DVD (March 30 in Australia and New Zealand).

Then we’ll be waiting to find out when Netflix is going to release the second season of “Outer Banks”. I read it is expected to be Summer 2021.I truly cannot wait for that one.🥰

We are also waiting for the release of the short “Kepley”, the movies “A Very Senior High” and “When Time Got Louder”. And who knows!🤗

I hope this 2021 will be a better year for the world!🤗


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