Wondering Minds – Dream Journal With Liz And The Magical Fairies

If you’re following EMfc on instagram, you know that Liz got an enchanting idea:  discussing some wonderful topics with her.

This is Liz’s thought for the first topic:

If you could wake up, open your eyes and step into any possible world, what would that world look like?

“I wake up in the morning to quiet. My room is just starting to fill with light. The windows are bare. Opening to only trees, ocean and sky. My bed is soft and warm but the air around me is cool. I open my eyes to simplicity. It’s a tiny house but spacious. High ceilings, white walls, large windows. My bed is white and absurdly cozy. The air smells of the sea, water and coffee. I sit up in bed. I stretch like a cat. Delicious. I set my feet down on a soft worn rug. I stand up and walk across the pine floors. Every here and there there are some very cozy, very soft rugs. There are books and pillows, art and homemade everything. It’s filled with love and joyful things. I kiss a sleeping Jordan before I leave and listen at CJs door. All is quiet. All I can hear are the sounds of birds and the wind in the trees. gentle. Easy.

I get my magically prepared coffee and walk outside. The ocean laid out before me. I have a plot of land that is about 17 acres. On this plot of land is everyone that I love. Everyone has their own house, their own little world, our little pieces of joy. Because this is my dream. The people that I’ve lost are here too, a joyful mix of true and longed for. The first thing that I do is run over to my grandmother’s house and give her a big hug. She’s playing bridge with her friends. She throws her arms open and wraps them around me whispering “I’m so happy to see you” I sneak a caramel from the bridge table, goes beautifully with my coffee. My great aunts wave and I’m off. Off to see Mom. She’s up and dressed and painting. We laugh and talk about what tiny houses we’d like to build. Dreaming and planning and hoping. I give her a strong hug and head over the soft grass to my sisters. My nieces are waiting cause it’s fairy house time. We gather berries and build tiny worlds.

There’s laughter and quite a bit of magic. I go for a quick swim, dolphins everywhere. The water is warm, I float with my eyes closed, and dream. Then I head over to Adry’s house where we have a lovely breakfast of berries, pastries and cream (cause this is my fantasy and we eat a lot of pastries and berries and cream) We talk about our hopes, our dreams, our magical fairy friends and what we’d like to create for the day. Then we get to joyful work!
A huge hug to you all!


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I loved so much what Elizabeth wrote about her dream world, having loved ones all around her and having back the people she lost. I would do anything to get my grandma back!

Liz and I are organizing another treat for all of you, we think you will love this. Questions & Answers with her.

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