Questions And Answers With Liz – Part 2

Are you ready for Q&A with Liz part 2?

The second answer is everything! ❤️ And she can have all the wishes not just 3!💕

She also sent me these beautiful selfies (with funny faces included, which I adore!)


Q: What is the last good news you heard?
Liz: The last good news. My country has a new VP. She’s strong, empathetic and everything I hoped for.

Q: If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?
Liz: Well, since I was a kid I’ve always said more wishes. But I realize we’ve kind of researched all of that and it’s an impossibility. Three wishes. Right now I wish for an end to Covid. An absolute end, we wake up, it’s no more. I wish that all children were protected, nurtured and held with love. That they are never hungry and have everything they need to go into the world and make it better. A cure for cancer. All cancer. Please. And as a bonus. It’d be lovely if we could all fly… OK I have to add this. I want an end to the opioid crisis, no more addiction, no more death , no more beautiful amazing wonderful talented people being taken from the people they love. I realize that’s five wishes. But, well, I’m OK with that.

Q: If you could choose one more profession in art, what would it be?
Liz: Oh I love this question. And it’s so easy for me. I would love to be able to paint. To set brush to canvas and have what’s in my mind and heart just be there on the canvas. Me in my tank top and overalls, paint everywhere in my loft with massive windows… sigh. wouldn’t that be such a dream?!?

Q: If you’d write a book yourself, what would it be about?
Liz: I would love to write a fantasy. The people who have been able to do that successfully, to build those worlds. They are my heroes.

Q: What is the biggest lesson life has taught you?
Liz: My biggest lesson. Is to love. To respond with curiosity instead of anger. To listen. To be still. To ask myself before I open my mouth is it true? is it kind? Is it necessary? To say I’m sorry when I’m wrong. All that and so much more. I’m just so happy to be here.

Q: What are three things you value most about a person?
Liz:: Kindness, integrity, humor. And curiosity! I’m sorry! I know I’m not sticking to the rules!

Q: Is there a certain kind of role that you’d love to play but you haven’t gotten the chance to yet?
Liz: : I’ve been pretty lucky to play so many different people. I have yet to play a wild child at heart artist. That would be really fun.

Q: Which character has been the most difficult to perform?
Liz: : Do you know when it comes down to it. I end up loving them all. I did play the ghost of Christmas present, I think, in college and I found that incredibly difficult. She was just so jolly…I don’t know, I couldn’t get my head around it. I’d love to have another go at it…

Q: What are your favorite movies/shows/songs?
Liz: : I still love “Truly Madly Deeply”. That movie gets me every time. “Feeling good”, Nina Simone is still my favorite. But I think, like all of us, I have a different favorite according to what the day is or how I feel, what I’m trying to learn, all of those things and music is such a gift.

Q: Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, what house are you in?
Liz: I am absolutely a Harry Potter fan. I was thinking during my second week in quarantine I should just read all the books all over again. Gryffindor… Most days… Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are very very close seconds… From Jordan… “You’re a Hufflepuff.” He’s probably right.
Jordan : When I took the quiz it was Gryffindor.
Liz: I took a quiz too. It said that I was Hermione. Who is in Griffindoor. So there’s that…



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