Questions And Answers With Liz – Part 4

Another amazing round of Q&A with Elizabeth is here! 🥰

Love her mind and heart so much! 😍


Q: What’s your greatest accomplishment in life?
Liz: My son.

Q: First thing you’re gonna do when the pandemic is over and everyone is safe?
Liz: Hug everyone I love. It will get awkward. We may need a tap out signal…

Q:  What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
Liz: My son.

Q: Juliet. Such a complicated, wise, smart character… You’ve created a truly multi-faceted character that inspires millions. How did you prepare to play her and how did you find “the key” to the character?
Liz: Juliet. I love Juliet. I usually find outwhat my character wants more than anything. And then I just do everything I can to get it. That was my key to Juliet.

Q: What art do you wish you could learn?
Liz: Art. Sigh. Painting. Encaustic. Pottery. Sketching. All of them tickle my soul.

Q: Favorite drink / food/ desert?
Liz: Coffee and cream. Strawberries and cream. Hmmmmm, seems to be a theme.

Q:  How are you doing? I think it’s more important than ever to check in with the people you care about during these crazy times ❤️
Liz: What loves you all are. Really does make my heart so happy. I’m curious. I’m studying. I’m trying to get away from my ego and who I think I am and trying to just take in the world. Where we are now. How are all of you? I truly want to know.

Q: What are your inspirations, motivations, reasons to keep  doing your job when things get difficult?
Liz: It doesn’t ever really feel all that tough for me. It did when I was younger. I would be struggling to find something that felt heartbreakingly elusive or people would behave badly. Drama. I would try to fix absolutely everything and everyone. But now, I just find it so fascinating. People behaving beautifully, people behaving badly, tired people, happy people, incredibly talented people, all coming together for this one thing that all of them love. Amazing.

Q:  Do you have any books to recommend that you read lately?
Liz:This week it was Magic lessons, by Alice Hoffman. Loved it. And The last Namsara. Surprised me. Now I’m on to adventure thrillers. Really enjoying Gregg Hurwitz. His characters are so clear and the action is so much fun. Into the Fire, today. Evan Smoak. Great character.

Q:  Who are your 3 favorite characters that you played?
Liz: Juliet. Rachel. Carol. I mean, I love them all. But I spent a lot of time with these ladies and I love them completely



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