Questions And Answers With Liz – Part 5

I know you didn’t expect this, but YES! There is a part 5 of Q&A with Liz.

And my goodness, she’s every day more inspiring and completely enchanting with her answers.

What a genuine gift!


Q: How do you stay optimistic and motivated?
Liz: What a fun question. I think, at heart, that I am a pretty optimistic person. I am not prone to tearing myself or other people apart. But as far as concrete things to lift me up? I would say that exercise is incredible for me. Yoga or dancing or riding the bike or running. When my body has that rush of happiness, my mind follows. Sadly, food is also a big player in that. When I want to feel amazing. I definitely skip the sugar and alcohol. It’s incredible what your body will do for you when you treat it with love. I’m also a big believer in food for the soul. Books, poetry, music, movies and the sunrise, the sunset. Simply being still and looking at the world around me. All of those things trigger optimism. Trigger me to go out and try to be the curious empathetic person that I would like to be. When I was an angry teenager my amazing great auntie would say to me. You know what your problem is. You need to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about other people.

Q: How do you prepare for your roles?
Liz: I research. I study. I learn my lines till I can say them in every possible situation. Then I really do figure out what my character wants. What they need above all else. I figure out where they’re coming from. Who they love. What’s important to them. How they see themselves and how they see the world. I try to create such a rich world for them to live in. That when it comes time to do the work all I really have to do is think about what I want and try to get it.

Q: What is your hobby?
Liz:  I always say books. And that’s true. But I’m also really getting into construction. I love building things with my hands. Particularly, wood, So I suppose that right now, my hobby is woodworking.

Q: Which Country would you like to visit?
Liz: I’m told that a great deal of my family came from Sweden. I’ve never been. I would really like to go.

Q: What Inspired you to become an actress? Have you ever thought about something else?
Liz: I believe I always wanted to be an actress. A theater actor, specifically. I can’t remember when that started. Probably my first play. Mom took me to a lot of them when I was little. As far as other things. Yes! I wanted to be a veterinarian. I read this book when I was little, All creatures great and small. I was sure that was my calling. I absolutely wanted to be a librarian. A nurse, a therapist. I can’t shake the idea that I would love to have a coffee House filled with books and lots of nooks and healthy but unbelievably delicious comfort food. Chess boards and music…

Q: What show/movie are you most proud of?
Liz: Lost. For sure. Was a gift. That role. That group of people. But in all honesty. I’m really proud of all of them. Every single role that I play shows me that I stepped out of my comfort zone to do something that I didn’t know I could do. That always brings me a little bit of joy

Q: Do you have tips for young artists?
Liz: Tips for young artists. How wonderful. Study. Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t let other people tell you who you are. Study study study. Watch the people who inspire you. Watch them again and again and again. Read. Listen to music. Explore the world around you with compassion and curiosity rather than judgment.

Q: What’s Your idea of a perfect vacation?
Liz:  Somewhere to swim. The ocean always calls to me. I suppose the perfect vacation would be having a tiny house on the beach, filled with books and cozy nooks and having all the people I love in their tiny houses near me. Meeting up for adventures, stories by the fire. Food. Dancing in the sand…

Q: If you could pick a theme song to describe where your life is right now, what would it be?
Liz: Today it’s feeling good, Nina Simone. I think that’s always my theme song when I’m having my coffee…

Q: I’m happy to see that you are a coffee lover! I’ll be heading back to campus tomorrowwhere there’s a Starbucks steps from my dormitory building. I’d like to knowwhat is your go to Starbucks order? I’ll order it the next time I’m there!
Liz: My Starbucks order is so decadent. At least for me. I order a three shot breve latte. Venti. That’s basically high fat cream and coffee. Sigh. Delicious.



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She also wrote this long message in the comments which I love so much:

Liz: I absolutely have. When I feel that way I kind of just let myself feel that way. Sometimes we need to cocoon. We need to be still, be quiet. Not to force ourselves to be one way or the other because we think it’s “better”. When I’m down. I let myself be down. I take it as time to rest. Time to replenish. I try really hard not to judge it. What I have learned is that all emotions and states of being are fluid. Ever-changing. We can’t hold onto any of them just like we can’t hold onto water. It flows through our fingers. So let yourself be where you are knowing that that state won’t last.