Questions And Answers With Liz – Part 6

Today we have the last part of Q&A with Liz!
It’s been such a fun and an inspiring experience, thank you everyone for the interesting questions you sent, because I’ve truly loved reading Elizabeth’s thoughts!

Q: What makes you laugh?
Liz: I really love this question. I absolutely love a good laugh. Just like a good cry, it’s so incredibly healing. I think, selfishly, I laugh the hardest when confronted by my own absurdity. We’re funny little creatures. With a variety of habits and ideas and worries and frustrations that when you look closely, sometimes with a little distance…They can be completely hilarious. Especially if they’re your own.

Q: What’s your daily routine when you’re not working?
Liz: I wake up fairly early. Not sure when this started to happen. But it’s happening. I put on some cozy warm things and my green wellies and head down to feed miss Skippy and take out the dogs. Percy romps around like it’s the greatest day in the world and Dexter sniffs everything suspiciously. Skip is usually pretty happy to see me sometimes bangs on the door of her stall to get her food a little bit faster. Then back up to the house for quiet time and coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Espresso, usually two shots and a little bit of half-and-half. Delicious.
I cozy up on the funny little (big) couch that I made next to the window. There’s this amazing massive amethyst heating mat on it. And I sit there near the fire, cozy with a blanket, coffee and a book and watch the sun come up. Then, I usually attempt to wake up CJ. Most of the time these days I’ll then head up to my studio and continue to work on it. However, some days, in all honesty, it’s several hours on that funny little couch reading my book, then I tend to go and do whatever makes my heart happy. Usually involves Percy and projects. Throughout the day there’s grocery shopping and meals for the guys. All those joyful things. It changes by season.  Also, I try to find a way to move my body every day. Hard. For at least 45 minutes. Makes me far more kind.

Q: What shows are you watching right now/watched lately?
Liz: Bridgerton, honestly, watched it twice.

Q:  what’s your favorite thing to do when the family is gathered?
Liz:  Eat, play board games, watch movies, walk and talk with my Mom. Quiet run with my dad. Arts and crafts and get messy with auntie nature walks with the nieces. Those girls are pure magic.

Q:  What is your favorite flower and color?
Liz:  I think, as much trouble as it’s caused and heartbreak. I still rather love the poppy. It has all these different shapes. When it starts It’s this incredible bud. I’ve never seen anything like it, so alien and beautiful. Then it bursts into these crinkle paper petals. Saturated and mysterious. The inside is just as intricate and interesting and alien as the outside. So, probably, the poppy. Red

Q:  Do you speak any other languages? Which ones would you like to learn?
Liz:  One of my grandmothers was Belgian. So I speak a little bit of French. Not a lot. I would love to know all of them. So so very truly. French, Spanish, Italian…

Q:  What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Liz:  Music, Billie Eilish, cowboy junkies, portishead, over the Rhine, Billie holiday, Nina Simone, Rolling Stones, Vivaldi, Bach….It absolutely depends on my mood. But music is a passion and a refuge.

Q:  What’s your best life advice? (Something that you would say to someone struggling)
Liz:  I was thinking about this the other day and thinking about how hard we are on ourselves. I think maybe the advice for the day for me. Would be to stand back and look at yourself. The sadness, the anger and the frustration and imagine yourself as a small child. Cowering in the corner with all these emotions and feelings. Would you scream at that child? Would you berate that child, tell them to get up, get moving? Stop crying! Stop feeling! Or or would you immediately be saturated with compassion. With gentleness. With curiosity. What happened? How can I make it better? So I suppose my advice to anyone struggling is be kind yourself. Stop telling yourself what you should be. Let yourself be who you are. You are infinitely precious. I promise.

Q: What are your favourite Disney movies and characters?
Liz:  I love all the strong independent fearless women.

Q:  Do you play any instrument? If so which one?
Liz:  I play a little bit of piano. I play little little bit of guitar. I need to play more of both. Maybe this will make me do it….

Liz:  This has been an absolute joy! A huge warm hug to all of you. Adry, you are magic.



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