The Good Doctor | Stills

I am here – still a mess for the performance and for the character and the little sleep (so worth it!) – to bless you all with stills from last night’s episode of The Good Doctor (spoiler🚨) where Liz played Dannie Miller, a comatose patient, who wakes up after 10 years for a reason, making a decision her devoted husband is not able to make on his own.

I am still moved by the love between Dannie and Elias, the strength of this woman, the calmness Liz conveyed through her. How she made her so real and brave.

And Liz without makeup is perfect and it doesn’t only match with the story of a comatose patient, but with the purity of the unconditional love between Dannie and her husband.
So brave of Liz! ❤️

I am gonna watch this after I finish my work for today, so if any of you want to watch it again or for the first time, please let me know. ❤️

I hope you all have a great day. This performance and this character has given me so much strength to me. Sigh happy sigh!❤️