The Good Doctor | Review

I found this review of the episode of The Good Doctor with Elizabeth. Obviously they had to praise her performance because it was marvellous and that makes me very happy! 🙂

4,5 stars/ 5

While the others are learning lessons in moving forward, Shaun learns how to draw more personal boundaries and is reminded of the value of honest over blind support. Learning this through the heartbreaking story of a comatose wife is a rollercoaster, and probably the best medical story of the week so far this season, thanks to a powerful performance from Elizabeth Mitchell.

Her decision to sign an NDA and tell her husband the truth instead of allowing him to die waiting for her to wake up is not unlike Shaun giving Lea her moment of adrenaline but doing the right thing in the end according to his moral code.

The Good Doctor‘s “We’re All Crazy Sometimes” succeeded in providing an enjoyable yet emotional episode, pushing characters past their loss while presenting the audience with other engaging stories to inspire them as well.