Witch Hunt | Elle Callahan About Liz

I watched and listened to these interviews with Elle Callahan, the writer and the director of “Witch Hunt” to see if she had anything to say about Liz, but I also enjoyed hearing people involved talking about this movie, it’s so fascinating to me.

I truly appreciate how Elle let the actors be that free in the creation of the characters and her whole concept regarding how much the actor is the one who knows the character better. This is exactly how I feel about characters and actors.

I think it’s pretty rare to find someone like this writer/director, so I feel very happy Liz worked with her and it makes me want to watch the movie even more. If she has these thoughts, imagine how the movie is gotta be.

I uploaded the part where she mentions Liz, but if you are like me and want to listen to the whole thing, you can find the links of the source below.



Full interview: Hye’s Musigs

Full audio interview: podbay.fm

I read in one of the reviews that the cinematography and the actual colors of the movie are very vivacious even if it’s at the same time a dark movie because it’s an horror/suspense/thriller, so I am very curious to see how she realized that on screen.

Plus in the audio interview I heard her saying that she likes colorful films because it’s how she wants to see the world and that made me smile because it’s how I want to see the world too.