Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

May your days always be filled with love, joy and passion, exciting challenges, growth, peace and understanding.
I’m tremendously grateful for your existence on this Earth and in my life. You made my world shine, sweeter and with the most incredible sense of wonder.
Thank you for allowing me to be in your beautiful heart, I treasure that more than I will ever be able to express.
I know this year will be bright, because everything you touch becomes gold and sparkling like the most precious gem.
I will never get tired of telling you how much I am so proud of you, amazingly wise mind, generous soul and the most wonderful artist I know.

Happy Birthday, my caring friend!

I love you so deeply much!
I organized a little something with the lovelies to wish you happy birthday, I hope this will make you smile. 🙂



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Thank you everyone for participating in this. To those who weren’t aware of it, it was a secret project I talked about during hours when Liz was sleeping, because I wanted to surprise Liz.. 😛