Happy Mother’s Day

“My son is the world to me. I had a whole life before him and now he is my whole life.” – Elizabeth

🌺Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best moms I know: Liz! 🌺

She is everything a mother should be and the way she loves CJ is the way every mom should love their kids. And I know who she took all these qualities from: her amazing mom!❤️

I’m reposting this quote from the Q&A we did a few months ago, because I love her answer about being a mom.

✨Q: What was the most important thing you wanted to pass on when you became a mother?
Liz: Kindness, integrity and curiosity. Every time CJ gets another video game. He always says the same thing to me. “I know, I know, I understand the sanctity of human life”. My hope is that he has an understanding of how precious this world is and how precious each and every person is. I also want him to have a strong sense of self.✨

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom other there! 🤗