Summer 2021 Movie Preview: 18 Films You Won’t Want to Miss

I found this article that includes Queen Bees among the list of 18 films you won’t want to miss. 🙂

Summer 2021 Movie Preview: 18 Films You Won’t Want to Miss
Movies are back! Here’s what’s coming and where to find them

At last! There will be a movie season this summer and screens big and small will relight with an exciting mix of comedies, dramas, documentaries and, yes, a Marvel sequel. Make your movie nights worth it with our critics’ picks of the best of what’s coming up. (Keep an eye on this page for updates, as COVID-19 may rejigger studios’ best-laid plans to make your summer cinematic.)


Queen Bees (Universal, June 11)

A fiercely independent woman (Ellen Burstyn) temporarily moves into a retirement community while her house is being worked on, and meets more mean girls than she’s seen since high school. The cast is amazing: James Caan, Ann-Margret, Jane Curtin, Christopher Lloyd and Loretta Devine.


Also on USA Today:

Exclusive new photos from the biggest summer movies

“Queen Bees” (June 11, theaters and VOD): When her home undergoes repairs, Helen (Ellen Burstyn) moves into a retirement community, where she runs into elderly mean girls, makes friends and strikes up a close relationship with Dan (James Caan) in the comedy.
It’s just a photo of Ellen Burstyn and James Caaon, but I am posting this for the title.