Queen Bees – Sneak Peek

This is just a small clip with Liz and she doesn’t even talk but GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’m so excited. 💃💃💃💃


Laura!!! HELLO!!!😍

It’s so nice to see even just a glimpse of her. 👏

She is looking at the watch and the phone is in her hand (and not in the bag). Very busy woman.

As we know Laura is a successful real estate agent.

She cannot wait to get out of there. HAHA! 😂And I see that she’s kinda sad thinking about leaving her mom there when she hears the other old ladies talk. Probably there is no other option since she is so busy with her career. I cannot wait to see more to understand her reasons and her relationship with her mom.🤗

From all the clips I saw + trailer, Helen is very interesting, and as we know Laura  has a complicated relationship with her, so I truly cannot wait to see these two personalities spark on screen.✨✨

Btw the faces Liz’s making in this small clip. HAHA!😂

22 seconds and I am already writing a story in my head.😅

The clip is so funny!

The administrator is trying to convince Helen that it is a beautiful place (we read that Laura pushes him to find every way for her mother to want to stay) and the old ladies with their walkers talking behind someone in the community… not exactly matching with the paradise’s presentation
of the administrator.😅

Old lady: “She smells like cheese”

The administrator: “what do you think so far?”

Helen: “I think I should give up dairy!”

The administrator: “Yeah, we all should.”


I like the guy who plays Liz’s son. What a beautiful smile. And he seems so close to his grandmother. I love that.❤️

This is clearly a community for wealthy people and by the outfit everyone is wearing, Laura and her family are wealthy too.
I am interested to see how this element plays out in the movie.

And nope I don’t use tiktok whatever, I only had to make an account for the movie. HA!😅