Ellen Callahn About Witch Hunt’s Cast

I’ve just found this interview with Witch Hunt’s writer/director, Elle Callahan, and this is the part where she talks about the cast of the movie:

John Tangalin: What was your experience during the production of Witch Hunt?

Elle Callahan: [I]t was a fantastic experience. I was fortunate enough to work with very talented actors that brought a lot of their own magic to the set. It was a very cooperative and calm presence. [W]e got to do a lot of fun things, a lot of cool stunts, and just tell a fun story.

JT: There were a lot of intense scenes in your film and, I don’t want to give anything away, but I think what happens to Claire [played by Gideon Adlon] one night kind of freaked me out a little bit. [T]o go a little bit further, what was it like filming with this cast? Because they all seemed really talented in their roles.

EC: It just felt really natural. It felt very cooperative, and they really expanded upon their characters and brought them to life and really added to what was on the [script] page. So it was a really fun experience. … It didn’t feel like work, you know? It was really fun.

Source: thecinemaspot