GIA | 25 Best HBO Original Movies

Gia was included in the list of 25 Best HBO Original Movies. They also said that the movie also features the superb talents of Elizabeth Mitchell as Gia’s lover, Linda. <3

25 Best HBO Original Movies You Can’t Watch Anywhere Else
June 17, 2021 10:28 am EDT

The advent of HBO Max has only expanded the list of great HBO films, with no sign of a slow-down in sight. In celebration of this storied past and bright future, we present the 25 best HBO original films, from portrayals of political power to raucous road comedies.

Gia (1998)

Gia Carangi was one of the first women to be referred to as a “supermodel.” Super or not, her story didn’t last as long as it should have. Carangi became addicted to heroin after her career took off, and in 1986, the 26-year-old died of AIDS-related complications. In 1998, HBO cast Angelina Jolie as the late supermodel in “Gia,” giving viewers a sad and unflinching look at her complex life.

While Jolie had won a Golden Globe for her performance in the previous year’s TNT mini-series “George Wallace,” her turn as the titular lead in “Gia” is what broke her through to celebrity status. She puts everything into her performance as the tortured, defiant, and thrill-seeking model. Decades after the film premiered, Jolie still reminds you why she became a household name in this role. “Gia” also features the superb talents of Faye Dunaway as Gia’s agent Wilhelmina Cooper, Mercedes Ruehl as the supermodel’s mother, and Elizabeth Mitchell as Gia’s lover, Linda.

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