Outer Banks | My Thoughts About The First Footage of Limbrey

For those who missed it, Netflix released the official trailer of Outer Banks season 2 with Liz in it (check my previous posts to watch it) and the first official photo of “Limbrey”.

There are a few details that emerged from the trailer and the photo and I have my own thoughts about them… 🤗

Limbrey is very rich and sophisticated.  You can sense that by her style (hair/outfit/jewelry), her posture… She owns a whole palace, the furniture is antique and very expensive.

She has people (not a very nice face) who work for her, like minions, which also means that she is a powerful woman. No man needed. I guess she would run over them with her car if it was necessary or order her car driver to do it for her. HAHA! HOW SWEET! She rules her life, which doesn’t essentially mean a positive thing… Oh I’m so intrigued!

In the few seconds she had in the trailer… She doesn’t move much (even her lips do not move much), like she is trying to keep all her calm (which makes her chilling, dangerous and menacing… and probably ready to explode) and she does that also with her voice. Her tone is low but she speaks fairly fast. Contrasting! This is why I see the explosion. HA! She also moves very slowly while she is handling that paper with that particular symbol/drawing. “I have the control”

Her line: “John B is not the only one Ward double-crossed. I think you know what I want”

She definitely has a history with Ward, which is very interesting, since Ward is such a bad guy. He fooled her once (I can see pain in this and revenge coming up) and she won’t let him fool her again, which brought her to build alliances with the Pogues, like “the enemy of my enemy is my friend… till I get close to what I want and I won’t share it with you”. But at the same time “Let’s be clear, I rule here and I lead the game.”

EVIL, but not in a *********  (cannot reveal) way, more in a scary and ****** (cannot reveal) way. I am trying to say things only based on the trailer and the photo.

Another note… it might be a coincidence, but I think this goes with the woman that she is…  the fact that she talks to Pope among everybody else… it’s like she knew these kids… like she gathered info about them…  I think Pope is one of the most innocent characters on the show. He lost his chance to go to college and this might be a leverage to get his “collaboration”? I think it’s weird there is only Pope in the scene, especially because in some BTS videos I saw also JJ (on her balcony with Pope) and  Kiara outside her gate.
I know these kids would do anything to help each other. Their friendship is so strong and beautiful.
I love mysteries and I love a build up of anticipation so I needed to write my thoughts about what I saw yesterday. I am so excited about this.

Since we finally have official photos of Limbrey, I made a new poster. 😜

Is it toxic enough?☣️

I think she’s a sweetheart! 🥰


July 30


I cannot wait! ❤️🐊