Lost: 5 Characters Who Were Gone Too Soon

I’ve just read this article about Juliet and the 5 Lost characters who were gone too soon.

Lost: 5 Characters Who Were Gone Too Soon (& 5 Who Overstayed Their Welcome)

Some characters on Lost left the show far too soon while others could overstay their welcome. Here are 5 of each.

When LOST debuted in 2004, the audience felt like they were watching a big screen movie instead of the pilot of a television series. It had a mysterious premise, a whole lot of action, and a very large cast of characters to introduce. The main characters were slowly fleshed out over flashback episodes as the mythology of the series grew. Some of those characters didn’t make it to the end of the series while others saw their stories continue long after fans were interested in them.

It’s understandably hard to keep an audience invested in dozens of characters across several seasons, especially with behind the scenes issues getting in the way of storytelling. LOST was marred by a writers’ strike in Hollywood, actors wanting out of their contracts, and more. It’s also hard to predict which characters the audience will connect with most or which storylines will have to be dropped, leading to some interesting story choices.

Gone Too Soon: Juliet

To be fair, even once Juliet is killed off, her character still appears in the “flash-sideways” segments after her death. That being said, Juliet is one of the most surprising fan favorites of the show.

Introduced as a fertility specialist amongst “the others,” she could have become an enemy of the survivors since she was one of the people responsible for attempting to kidnap Claire, and she helped hold Jack, Kate, and Sawyer prisoner. As Juliet’s story was fleshed out, however, it was easy for the audience to empathize with someone who thought she was doing good and ended up in a situation she couldn’t get out of. The audience would have loved to explore more of her story as an ally to the group.

Source: screenrant.com