Lost: The 10 Most Heartwarming Moments

They included Sawyer and Juliet’s love story among the 10 most heartwarming moments of the show, which is only right.

Lost: The 10 Most Heartwarming Moments

More than a decade after the series finale aired, Lost continues to be beloved by old fans and by new fans discovering the show for the first time. One of the many elements that help Lost resonate and stand the test of time is the show’s rewarding character development. Through this development, the characters are able to grow beyond their mistakes and become better versions of themselves.

While Lost is certainly a dark and dramatic show at times, it is also a hopeful one that shows that it’s never too late for someone to grow as a person, to form meaningful connections with others, and to reconcile with those they’ve wronged. Lost certainly has plenty of rewarding and uplifting moments that encapsulate these hopeful themes.

7/10 Sawyer And Juliet’s Love

When the season 5 episode “Lafleur” jumps to the year 1977, fans see that the two weeks Juliet agreed to stay on the Island for turned into three years and that she and Sawyer have fallen in love. The scene begins with Sawyer picking a flower for Juliet and bringing it home for her. She gives a radiant smile, he tells her how she is amazing, and she thanks him for believing in her.

They have both been troubled characters haunted by inner demons and mistakes they’ve made, but in each other, they have found peace and happiness they never thought would be possible with anyone else. This beautiful, simple scene is enough to convince the audience that these characters are in love and have been living happily together on the Island for three years.

Source: screenrant.com