On TV Today | Interview With Elizabeth About OBX

There is new interview with Elizabeth about her character in Outer Banks.

‘Outer Banks’ – The dark place Elizabeth Mitchell went to for role

To create Carla Limbrey, a toxic woman from old Charleston money in the currently streaming second season of the Netflix drama “Outer Banks,” Elizabeth Mitchell took a two pronged approach.

To manifest the character’s sickly physicality, the already slender actress ate very little for weeks, existing only on vegetables and a little fish, because “I wanted everything to kind of like look like it was hanging on her,” she says. “I didn’t want her to look vibrant.”

But to play her mental/emotional side, Mitchell (“Lost,” “Frequency”) went to a dark place to grapple with an ugly human trait with which most are familiar.

“What I delve into is entitlement,” she explains. “Where do we get to with ourselves when we feel righteous and entitled and indignant? Like we all feel it. We’re human, right? We come upon times where we are not our best selves, so what makes us feel that way? … And I kind of went from there – what her values are, who she thinks matters in the world. And I think she really, truly believes that only her and her people are really important enough to take care of.”

But while her character may be unpleasant, her overall experience filming  “Outer Banks” was not. She praises the cast of young actors for being hard workers, great to work with and fun, she enjoyed learning her lines at her rental cottage at the beach and when it came to say goodbye to Limbrey, she did so happily.

But, she adds, “It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy playing her because I think when we confront the darkest parts of ourselves, when we confront those parts of ourselves that are dark, that are righteous, that are indignant, that are sure that we’re right, we kind of can get a little farther ahead, maybe, in our journey in life because we have to look closely at that darkness so we don’t become it. So in some ways, I really enjoyed her for that.”

Source: ontvtoday.com