Outer Banks | Photos with Charles Esten And Wife

Guys look at these adorable photo that @charles_esten posted of Liz of when they were filming Outer Banks in Barbados.

I am in love of the sweetness, especially of the first one. And he also wrote such a lovely adorable caption.

And 🤣 look Limbrey and Ward together…. They don’t seem scary at all. 😍 I cannot wait foe these two to have scenes together in season 3.💃

Limbrey vs Ward? Who is gonna win?


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The adorable caption:

We’re not bad. We’re just drawn that way. #wardandlimbrey#outerbanksbaddies

No, I didn’t get any scenes this season with the completely wonderful @elizabeth.mitchell.official , BUT Patty and I – both already big fans – did get to hang out with her in Barbados, and it was an absolute treat. She is gooood people, and now we’re even bigger fans. Will we meet onscreen next season? How would that go?! #season3please🙏🏻

Liz wrote this:

You two are the loveliest, warmest people. Would certainly be a joy to possibly terrorize Ward in the new year 👼