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‘All American,’ ‘Outer Banks’ Shoot to Top of Streaming Rankings
The two series finish in a near tie for the overall No. 1 spot on Nielsen’s chart for July 26-Aug. 1.

The premiere of Outer Banks‘ second season and the Netflix debut of All American‘s third season pushed the two shows to the top of Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the final week of July.

The two finished in a near tie, in fact, with All American racking up 1.43 billion minutes of watch time and Outer Banks drawing 1.42 billion. The latter had a larger average audience — about 1.4 million people were watching at any given time over the course of the week — to about 700,000 for All American, which has 51 episodes in its library.

The CW has said All American is its most streamed series, and the Nielsen figures offer support for that statement.

The previous week’s top show, Virgin River, dropped off some after three straight weeks over a billion minutes of watch time. The series dropped to 782 million minutes, a decline of 38 percent from 1.27 billion the week before, but was still the No. 2 original show by a sizable margin.

Manifest also dipped, giving up its title as the most watched acquired show to All American. The canceled NBC series brought in 640 million minutes of watch time, down from 939 million. The Walking Dead also made its debut on the streaming charts, earning 554 million minutes of viewing in the week its 10th season debuted on Netflix.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only include Amazon, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix.

Nielsen’s top streaming series for July 26-Aug. 1 are below.

Original Series

1. Outer Banks (Netflix), 1.42 billion minutes viewed
2. Virgin River (Netflix), 782 million
3. Never Have I Ever (Netflix), 328 million
4. Love Is Blind (Netflix), 300 million
5. Atypical (Netflix), 291 million
6. The Movies That Made Us (Netflix), 272 million
7. Lucifer (Netflix), 202 million
8. Bosch (Amazon), 187 million
9. Loki (Disney+), 180 million
10. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix), 164 million

Acquired Series

1. All American (Netflix), 1.43 billion minutes
2. Cocomelon (Netflix), 718 million
3. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 666 million
4. Manifest (Netflix), 640 million
5. Criminal Minds (Netflix), 619 million
6. The Walking Dead (Netflix), 554 million
7. The Flash (Netflix), 519 million
8. NCIS (Netflix), 508 million
9. Chicago Med (Netflix), 457 million
10. Downton Abbey (Netflix), 373 million

Source: hollywoodreporter