The Expanse | Ty Franck and Wes Chatham About Liz

You don’t want to miss The Expanse podcast where Ty Franck (writer/showrunner )and Wes Chatham (Amos) discuss Elizabeth joining the show.

They both have adorable things to say about Liz that warmed my heart.😍

I truly love this podcast. Hearing Ty saying lovely things about Liz was a pure joy. ✨

I laughed at the thought that some people try to see if Liz has a mask on the whole time or if she is truly like she appears. 😂 In like 20 years that I have known her, I have only seen her real face. And I know I have seen a lot. Ah! Sigh! ❤️

I remember editors who met her for interviews and posting on twitter about “omg how she is so adorable… is she from Canada?” LOL! She always surprises people. 😁

It is hard to find someone who radiates genuineness like her. A lot of people are preventable of course, but the fact that she wins them… love love love that.❤️

Of course also Wes is very sweet and kind and genuine too, but you expect that from an actor who worked with Liz to say beautiful words about her. And I have just remember the intense scenes between them. 😍 Love love love.

But showrunners? Pretty rare I think (not about Liz, but in general). I only know one showrunner who is actually the best buddy with her cast. My fav showrunner of course. ❤️

While I was watching this podcast, I realized how much I missed Anna. I need to start a rewatch as soon as I can. ✨❤️😌

Thank you so much @dharma_chick for the heads-up. I enjoyed watching this tremendously. ❤️