Witch Hunt | Sitges Festival In Barcellona

Awesome news!!! Witch Hunt will be screening at Sitges Festival in Barcellona (Spain) in October (October 7-17). So glad it will have also European audience and chances here.

Panorama Fantàstic / Midnight X-treme

The Festival’s two most typically fandom-oriented sections will have a comprehensive fantastic genre representation, not only for consumption but also to reflect on the present (Barbarians, The Boy Behind the Door), invoking genre territories from decidedly new perspectives (Tarumama, Witch Hunt, Superhost, Caveat, Knocking, Hellbender) or more classic ones (The Advent Calendar, The Power, Virtual Reality, Let The Wrong In, The Exorcism of God). A commitment to intelligent excess (The Sadness, Hunter, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse) and also to science-fiction (Broadcast Signal Intrusion, Warning). Decidedly pulp and indie approaches from young Spanish filmmakers (The Passenger, Jacinto) or an important presence of Asian films (The Great Yokai War. Guardians, Last of the Wolves, Hand Rolled Cigarette, The Samejima Incident).

de Elle Callahan


In a dystopian America where witches are real, the government has established harsh discriminatory laws against witchcraft. The oppression they suffer is so great that some flee to Mexico to seek asylum. That is the case of two young witches who, as they flee, will receive the unexpected help of a troubled teenager full of prejudices.


Elle Callahan

Filmmaker, writer and sound designer, she trained at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Her feature debut film Head Count (2018) premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Technical information

USA. 2021

98 min

DirectorElle Callahan

WriterElle Callahan

CinematographyNico Aguilar, Tommy Oceanak

EditorNick Garnham Wright

WithElizabeth Mitchell, Abigail Cowen, Gideon Adlon

Edition: 2021
Section: Panorama Fantàstic
Original language: English

Also stay tuned, today they release a new trailer for the US release of the movie in theaters.