GIA | Review

I think there are a few movies missing in this list and I wouldn’t include some of the list, but I agree, Gia is one of Angelina’s best movie. And Elizabeth is totally wonderful in it.

The 15 Best Angelina Jolie Movies Ranked

7. Gia
Elizabeth Mitchell, Angelina Jolie, Mercedes Ruehl in Gia

“Gia” was an early leading role for Jolie, telling the true story of the rise and fall of late ’70s and early ’80s model Gia Carangi. This HBO film features fantastic performances from three other women in addition to Jolie — Faye Dunaway as Carangi’s agent and mentor Wilhelmina Cooper, Elizabeth Mitchell as Linda, as the love of Gia’s life, and (especially) Mercedes Ruehl as Gia’s mother, who has segments in which she speaks directly to camera. Mila Kunis even appears as the child-aged Gia.

“Gia” follows the classic biopic format, chronicling its hero’s meteoric rise to fame, followed by her drug addiction, which leads to the implosion of the protagonist’s career and her tragic end. In 1986, when she was just 26, Carangi was the first famous woman to die of AIDs-related complications. Jolie successfully embodies wild child Gia and is particularly good in her scenes with Mitchell. The only thing that this movie is missing is Studio 54, which Carangi frequented — but even without the infamous club, you still get a good feel for the New York of the time.