Witch Hunt | WhereistheBuzz TV Video Interview

The joy she finds in her work… One of the first reasons that drew me to follow her since day one ❤️ I think it says so much about who she is. ❤️

I love what she said about wanting to be good. I love that she sees herself as a work in progress and not like “hey I know everything, nothing to learn”. It’s wise, it keeps you down to earth, open, ready to listen and to learn. I love that so much. It’s the only true way to go into life. I am in love with the mind of this woman.❤️
*silly happy person* I laughed. Thank you! 🙏

She is always so matherly in general, not just because she was the older member of this cast (Witch Hunt). She has always had that in her. It’s her warmth. I love when she is like that, but I also love when she is the daughter. I love that both sides live in her. I love that I get to see/live both sides of her also personally. ❤️ She is the real thing.🥰

Some friends call me the IMDB personified. Liz, the movie is THE OTHERS, which is also one of my fav movies with Nicole. She’s brilliant. The end. Surprising. Heartbreaking. Grace Kelly’s vibes. And Fionnula Flanagan (E. Hawking on Lost) is terrific. I love Liz mentioned this movie. I watched it with my grandmother, whom I miss tremendously. ❤️

I love that she said she’d like to do a comedy with women. I am rewatching the show with Yunjin Kim “Mistresses” with a friend and I was “Gosh, I truly want something like this with Liz, with all these friends, women, who are there for each other for every crisis, who are there for each other for the good and for the bad.” The genuine friendship’s feeling that it’s evoked in the show. I would love to see something like this with her.

And OMG the musical… I would die if she did that on stage. Anything on stage and I would basically become a part of the theater’s furniture for the entire time. I do love/admire her acting so much.